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Lee Levinson

Your Go-To Source for Small Business Loans

There are many tricks and shortcuts involved in obtaining and implementing a business loan through the SBA program, and that’s why you need to work with an expert like Lee Levinson. With decades of experience successfully connecting borrowers and lenders, he knows what it takes to secure the right loan and the best terms for his clients.

Just because a bank says they’re SBA lenders, it doesn’t mean they have the knowledge, insight or creativity to effectively guide you through the sometimes stressful loan process. If your banker gives you a bad feeling in your stomach instead of making you feel comfortable, you need somebody else . . . like Lee. Besides, it’s always smart to get a second opinion, especially for a major life decision such as starting or expanding a business.

Lee is a real pro with a great track record. In fiscal 2016 alone, he secured over $25 million of government-guaranteed SBA loans. As further proof of his capabilities, many of Lee’s client referrals actually come from other banks.

One region Lee knows extremely well is St. Louis. There are many SBA lenders here, but they’re making a lot more “where is your collateral?” conventional loans than government-guaranteed ones. When a bank doesn’t have sufficient expertise with SBA programs, many great small-business opportunities are sadly lost.

That’s why Lee Levinson – the SBA Guru – created this site: to give borrowers a new, unconventional perspective and a better chance at getting the best loan.

Lee has now established a St. Louis-based Loan Production Office for his bank. Last year they were America’s number-six SBA lender, with almost half a billion dollars in loans.

Many factors influence the trajectory of a loan and all projects are open to interpretation, but Lee’s creative point of view can empower you and give you more confidence in your decision-making.

Whether you’re a borrower, realtor, accountant, business broker, lawyer or consultant, the SBA Guru is here to help. Contact Lee Levinson at 314.308.1496 and simplify your loan process.